Our Catering Talent

Sit Down Dinner & Lunch
Your guests are served dinner or lunch at their table, consisting of several courses. Each table has servers assigned to take care of your guests
with courtesy, tact and discretion. We will put together a creative menu designed exclusively for your event, taking into account your tastes, needs and budget, allergy concerns or special diets. Beautiful presentations and flavors are our top priority, and we always seek out the finest produce and ingredients.





Amuse-Bouches & Hors-d’oeuvres for a cocktail party
Hors-d’oeuvres are small savory appetizers served before the meal, customarily with aperitifs or cocktails. « Amuse Bouches » are casual little bites meant to whet the appetite before a meal and are typically served prior to a casual meal in a bistro or brasserie in France. They are usually one or two-bite size and can be hot or cold, salty or sweet. Our servers offer your guests the selection of your choice on elegant trays





Buffet & Display tables
As your guests arrive, they are greeted by an enticing array of foods, beautifully displayed on festive tables. The food items are easy to eat and allow for a natural flow as your guests arrive. Your guests can be served or they can serve themselves buffet-style from a variety of dishes set out on a table or sideboard. Items may be hot or cold. All that is required is for you to choose from a selection of items





Food stations keep
your party lively and offer an organic flow to events, guiding guests through a venue at the host’s discretion. Whether for appetizers, entrées or desserts, stations can consist of simple meat & cheese displays or hosted by a chef, allowing for guests interaction. You have the opportunity to mix and match as many stations and types of stations as you desire, in order to create the ambiance that you want. Please note, we create all menus and stations based on collaborations with our clients. Send us a request and we’ll put something original together for you.




For a sit down dinner, an overview of dishes to choose from:


La Salade périgourdine Foie gras, lardons and sliced smoked duck breast over mesclun salad, hazelnut dressing

La Salade niçoise: Tuna, artichoke hearts, peppers, green beans, tomatoes, black olives and anchovies, fines herbes vinaigrette

La Salade lyonnaise: Trio of bitter frisée, poached egg and crispy lardons, croutons and Dijon mustard dressing

Les Gambas: Marinated prawns on a skewer with tumeric and citronelle, over a crunchy Niçoise vegetables, lobster réduction

Les Saint-Jacques: Seared sea scallops over field greens and beets, lemon herb butter

Le Saumon fumé: Smocked salmon, over mesclun salad, aged balsamic vinaigrette, whipped lime cream and dill

Le Foie gras: Terrine of foie gras with toasts, red onions marmalade and ginger jelly

La Cochonnaille: Assortment of cooked and air-dried meats, pâtés and saucisson, cornichons and marmalades

Les Ris de veau: Vol au vent with fricassée of sweetbread and farm raised chicken in a mushroom sauce

Les Clams: Baked stuffed clams with garlic and parsley butter, topped with crispy breadcrumbs


Le Poulet: Farm-raised chicken leg stuffed with mushrooms duxelle and foie gras, creamy morel sauce, gratin Dauphinois and roasted apple

Le Canard: Roasted duck breast, sauce à l’orange, gratin Dauphinois and haricot vert

Le Flétan: Pan seared halibut with sliced zucchinis, sauce hollandaise, sweet mashed potatoes

La Bouillabaisse: Fisherman’s catch, poached in a rich lobster broth, green asparagus, Aïoli, mixed vegetables and fingerling potatoes

Les Saint-Jacques: Seared sea scallops with Espelette pepper, zucchini gratin, basmati rice, roasted almonds and arugula pesto

La Choucroute de la mer: Fisherman’s catch and shellfish with sauerkraut and potatoes, sauce beurre blanc and Riesling

La Blanquette: Veal stew cooked in a creamy and aromatic stock with carrots, mushrooms and onions, served over basmati rice

Le Bourguignon: Traditional beef strew cooked in red wine with carrot and caramelized onions, fingerling potatoes

L’Agneau au thym: Roasted rack of lamb with Fleur de Thym, tiny ratatouille and sautéed fingerling potatoes

Le Navarin d’agneau: Lamb stew with carrots, onions, fennel and celery, spring vegetables and new potatoes

La Côte de veau: Veal chop with Normande sauce, sautéed young leaves of spinach, truffles pomme purée and oysters mushroom

Les Rognons: Sautéed veal kidneys in cream and mustard sauce, gratin dauphinois and wild mushroom fricassée « à la persillade »

L’Entrecôte: Ribeye steak, potatoes Sarladaise and green asparagus, choice of Béarnaise, Peppercorn or Bordelaise sauce

Le Filet Rossini: Beef tenderloin with pan seared foie gras, sautéed young leaves of spinach, gratin Dauphinois and green beans


La Tarte au citron: Lemon meringue tart over sablé breton

La Tatin: Warm caramelized apple tart, topped with crème fraîche or vanilla ice cream

Le Fondant au chocolat: Molten chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream and crème anglaise

L’Opéra: Expresso butter cream cake layered with genoise and chocolate ganache

La Forêt noire: Black Forest cake with chocolate sponge cake, whipped cream and griotte cherries

La Soupe de fraises: Chilled strawberry soup with fresh mint, homemade strawberry and mint sorbet

Le Soufflé glacé: Iced soufflé with Mandarine Impériale liquor and citrus fruit reduction

Les Profiteroles: Pastry puff stuffed with vanilla ice cream and warm chocolate sauce

Le Croquembouche: Pâte à choux puffs with a creamy filling, dipped in hot caramel

Le Clafoutis: Seasonal fruits covered with a thick flan-like batter, served lukewarm

Le Paris-Brest: Ring of choux pastry filled with praline cream, topped with roasted almond

Our endless amuse bouches (passed Hors-d’oeuvres) for a cocktail party to give a refinement style

La Lorraine: Miniature quiche lorraineLa Flamiche: Petite caramelized leek tart

L’Alsacienne: Miniature Alsatian onion confit tart with Gruyère cheese

La Pissaladière: Puff pastry pizza squares with yellow onions caramelized, tomatoes, anchovy fillets and black olive segments

Le Croque-monsieur: Warm ham and Swiss cheese sandwiches

La Terrine: Bite-sized homemade terrine with chutney

Le Foie gras: Toasted brioche, topped with foie gras terrine and chutney

La Rillette: Sliced baguette, topped with duck rillettes & cornichon pickles

La Cochonnaille: Triangles of cooked and air-dried meats, pâtés and saucisson with cornichons and marmalade.

La Saucisse briochée: Gourmet sausage rounds wrapped in puff pastry accompanied by Dijon mustard

Le Parmentier: Bite-sized off-the-bone duck confit and mashed potatoes

Le Canard: Skewered smoked duck breast , fresh apples and cherry tomatoes

Le Nem: Nem of duck confit with lime and honey reduction

La Tapenade: Black olive tapenade on bread

L’Escargot: Puff pastry with escargot in garlic butter

Les Coquilles: Sautéed sea scallops with lemon herb butter

Les Endives: Endive leaf with smoked salmon, whipped cream and lime, basil and cherry tomatoes petals

Le Tartare: Salmon or beef tartare bite sized

Le Saumon: Pastry puff with smoked salmon, whipped cream and lime, cherry tomatoes and basil

Le Risotto: Cup of creamy risotto with seasonal veggies and parmesan shaving

Le Poireau: Classic leek vinaigrette with thinly sliced cod, pink peppercorns and truffle

Le Thon: Seared sesame crusted tuna lollipop

L’Huître: Oyster poached in champagne with root julienne

La Tricolore: French verrine-style, with spinach mousse, parsnip mousse, sun dried tomatoes emulsion and pastry dough stick or candy beet stick

La Crevette: Shrimp, cocktail sauce

Les Gambas: Cocktail brochettes of prawns marinated with tumeric and citronella

Le Bleu: Puff pastry stuffed with blue cheese flavored whipped cream

La Gougère: French cheese puff pastry made with Gruyère cheese

Le Brie: Toasted cranberry bread topped with Brie, fresh blueberry & fig marmelade

Le Comté: Brioche, Comté cheese & fresh grapes on a skewer

La Soupe: Petite french onion soup gratinée or fish soup or soup of the day

Les Cassolettes: Some of our traditional French dishes are available in cups

Buffet and Stations for something convivial, to give to your celebration a more casual ambiance

Hors d’oeuvres, such as Le Croque-Monsieur, La saucisse briochée or La TricoloreCheeses and charcuterie platters

Salads, such as La Niçoise, La Lyonnaise or La Méditerranéenne

Homemade terrines and foie gras

Quiches and tarts, such as La Quiche lorraine or La Flamiche

Traditional French dishes like La Blanquette, Le Marengo, Les Moules or Le Bourguignon

Homemade desserts, such as Le Macaron, Le Cannelé or Le Croquembouche

Station L’écailler: raw bar with seafood tasting and the opportunity to learn how to open an oyster, sampling of oysters poached in champagne

Station Foie Gras: sampling of pan-seared Foie gras, slicing of Foie gras terrines for canapés, making of Foie gras lollipops

Station Risotto: table-side preparation of risotto (pesto, parmesan, truffle…) by the chef

Station Saumon: sliced smoked salmon for sandwiches, marinated salmon tasting, making of traditional french recipe in small pans

Station Charcuterie: carving station featuring curded ham, sampling of charcuterie and terrine tartines

Station Crêpes: preparing a variety of mini-crêpes, sweet and salty, including the popular Crêpe Suzette

Station Fontaine à chocolat: a chocolate fountain where your guest can make their own desert with skewers of fresh fruit and petits fours (macarons, madeleines…), all dipped in melted chocolate